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SEO Liverpool. Ranking Kings are a small group of freelance SEO experts working with Liverpool based websites. If you are focusing upon either a local Liverpool audience or further afield then we can safely get you more visitors to your website.

Maybe this is you:

  • Have a new website and now need an SEO expert
  • Already with an SEO provider but not getting any results
  • Have an existing website and are tired of trying to get results yourself with no results
  • Tired of getting messed around by agencies with empty promises

Well this is us:

  • Dedicated and passionate about SEO, a deep understanding of every aspect of our game
  • ROI focused, you give us money and we’ll make you more, we can work to your budget
  • Years of experience, riding Google updates and winning
  • NOT an agency, you don’t pay agency prices, you just get expertise and great results

We are in fact a cliche. Having worked for other agencies we decided we were tired of clients getting ripped off. The SEO industry has a bad name for spam but has got a terrible name for rip off agencies who don’t care about you or your business. Liverpool has it’s fair share of these too.

We know how to get results for your website, not only have we got amazing results time and time again for clients but we’ve also ranked hundreds of our own personal projects too.

The key to success is passion and endurance. Our small team of freelancers are arguably among the best Search Engine Optimisers around, certainly in Liverpool. Do you want the best? We will work with you to make sure that we can take your business from strength to strength.

We provide a white label service for Web Design companies and Digital Marketing agencies as well as companies looking for an SEO service.

We literally are Search Specialists who have the ability to deliver results because we live and breath online success.

Before starting this venture we considered carrying on making money online for ourselves but we soon realised that because ranking in Google and other search engines is so easy it would be a shame to not offer the same sort of service for businesses around Liverpool too.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you may be looking for a local SEO service in Liverpool.

You have a new website and need optimisation

Perfect. We can help you. We love taking new projects from the ground and building them up to be great successes.

Google have become very sophisticated when it comes to preventing spammers and innocent website owners alike from ranking in their search engine results. It’s so easy to trigger a penalty that often people try their own SEO and don’t seem to ever be able to get past page 3. In some cases people do get to page 1, well done, but for which keywords? You have to pick the right keywords, without the right keywords you are destined to fail simply because nobody actually searches for them in the first place.


Keywords are the words that people type into the search engines when performing a search. Google & Bing provide tools that give us the amount of people who use the same searches every month. Without this basic information in your bag then you are set to fail from the beginning.

We are experts at picking the right keywords for your business.

Keywords & ROI

Even a few keywords may not save your business. Really what we need to do is to figure out how much your business can output each month, in other words how much work could you handle. Arguably you could expand your business once you get to that point but let’s get there first.

To do this not only do we have to pick good keywords that get searched for but we also need to target enough of them to get your business enough calls.

On Page SEO for your New Website

On page optimisation is essential, it is the process of adjusting your website so that the search bots better understand the purpose of your website and the elements such as code, speed and images are slick and perfect for search engines. A slow website equals a poor user experience, poorly named and tagged images can go against your score.

Without great on page you will struggle to get anywhere.

Building Trust

Google will only rank websites that they trust. You have to build trust signals to rank. This is natural for most businesses as once you have a website it’s natural to want to try and entice your target audience by registering on social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. If you customers are there, then so should you be.

By posting regular useful information on to there and taking part in the online communities surrounding your target market you raise the likelihood of attracting visitors and backlinks to your website.

Off page SEO

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO, you will not rank without them. By registering on local directories and national business directories and by outreaching to related businesses or website owners and finding a reason for them to link back to your website increases the chances you will outrank your competitors.

Link building is where most people fall down as this is where Google can really penalise a website if it’s done wrong. We are experts at this, nothing we do would be considered harmful or spammy. Many people refuse to link people because they are scared of attracting a Google penalty but that’s just false economy, you need links to rank to the positions in Google where you audience will see you, you can’t do that without links and when a business relies upon it’s customers to pick up the phone you simply cannot rely upon waiting for great content to naturally acquire links.

Strength to Strength

We have worked with many Liverpool based businesses over the years as well as lots of national and international ones and we have a fantastic success rate. We always try to work within your budget and take your business from strength to strength. Our goal is always give you a return for your investment and not be one of these companies that take a bunch of money from you every month without explaining what is happening or why you aren’t seeing results.

The best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google, you really need to be on page 1 to be seen and you need to be seen for the right keywords.

Process Overview

Once we start work on your SEO, we will begin with an initial assessment of where you are currently, what has happending previously and also take into consideration what you would like to achieve.

After that we will look at your market, your competitors and what they are doing and also where your opportunties are.

Based upon this we will then make a plan of action and run it by you. This is usually a 3 month plan of action that will take you from where you are at the moment to where you need to be.

Once the plan has been activated we give you monthly reports where we can check off the work that we have carried out along with a ranking report.

At the start of any campaign we take a snapshot of where you are at the moment so we can see exactly how our actions have improved your search positions, traffic, bounce rate and conversions. This is how we can prove that our SEO works and this is what you have been paying for.

Once your site reaches page 1 you should have the phone ringing a lot more but if it’s not then we will analyse your website and see what people do once they are on your site. It’s by looking at your Conversion Rate Optimisation that we can then figure out the optimal way to get your traffic converting. There is always a reason why people don’t call, most of the time it’s because they are comparing prices or services so we also want to see if people visit you once and then come back before contacting you.

This is all an essential part of making your website a success.

We hope to hear from you soon!