Ranking a Local Business In Liverpool

search-engine-optimizationIn this article we’d like to present a case study we did as a part of our SEO Liverpool service. We picked a niche in the health and wellness industry that gets several hundred monthly searches from people based in Liverpool.

Then we went ahead and created a professionally looking website represeting a local business. We’ve created all the necessary pages like about us, contanct us, services, pricing etc. We’ve also filled the website with loads of highly relevant content. Overall, we ended up with over 30 pages which is a good foundation for a local service.

Our next step was to establish the website as a brand in Google. The main goal of that process is to gain more trust in Google’s eyes by convincing it that we’re a serious business that deserves the rankings. We’ve achieved that using several methods such as social media campaigns, branded profiles, highly relevant directories and a few other signals. After two weeks, we’ve already appeared on the first page for our brand name. A week later, we’ve hit the number one spot for our brand name as well as 2brand name + Liverpool”.

Once this happens, you can assume that a certain lawyer of trust between your website and Google has been established. The next step is to begin getting rankings for the long tail keywords which are a lot easier to rank than the short and highly competetive terms.

We’ve already seen significant ranking increases but we’re still bouncing between second and third page which is actually normal at this point of this case study.

We’re going to post another update soon once we get more results. If you’re interested in SEO in Liverpool, make sure to contact us and schedule a meeting so we can prepare the best strategy for your business.