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Ranking Kings are a small group of freelance SEO experts ready to help your Wirral business get better exposure where it matters online. We are technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts who are not attached to an agency. We do not charge a fortune and our only goal is to MAKE YOU MONEY. That’s right – our goal is to make you a return on your investment in us (ROI).

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A Service That Actually Works

No tricks, no gimmicks just great results. We won’t fob you off by telling you we’ve done our job because you rank in Bing and Yahoo or by ranking you in Google for keywords that nobody ever searches for, we are the real deal.

A small group of people (who are all part of SEO Wirral experts) absolutely dedicated to SEO. We have done this for ourselves and our own projects now for many years and always had great successes and now we’re offering our service to you too.

You are here most likely for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a new website and need SEO
  • You already have SEO but it’s not working
  • You think you might need it but are not sure or are confused by it all
  • You are over whelmed and need an expert to take it off your hands

This list isn’t extensive but it makes up the majority of the people we speak to.

Here’s a few points about how we can help you and why we are different to other providers:

  • We already carry out the search engine optimisation for some agencies, if you are looking for a white label service (meaning we do the work under your name) then please get in touch, we are happy to help.
  • We can operate a Pay As You Grow scheme where we can lay out a plan for your business to make it a success and attach a price to each element. You just pay for this bits you can afford as you go.
  • We can train you. If you want to know how to do your own SEO then we can charge for our consultation and show you what you need to do for your own website.
  • We won’t ripĀ  you off. We just love what we do and we’re really good at it. It’s only people who don’t know what they’re doing that won’t be able to results for you. When SEO is done right then Wirral customers will know your name and call you over any competitors.

There is a lot of competition around Wirral for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s easy to get distracted and go for the wrong guys. Did you know that there are over 200 ranking factors? Well we know them inside out and get it right every time.

What we would say to you is you really have to consider what you want to achieve, if you need a full blown marketing campaign with a huge e-commerce website and social media marketing and everything in between then you probably should put your money with an agency, you probably will get those things set up for you such as the great looking website and a social media team who will post regularly to your Twitter account etc but that’s where it ends.

Trust us, we’ve done the agency thing we know!

With SEO Ranking Kings are different. We’re not an agency, you won’t get lost in communication. We’re not just 1 guy either, we’re a small team of close knit SEO experts who absolutely who know how to work together to get the job done.

Local Rankings

Google is different now to even 1 year ago. Have you noticed that when you type in a local keyword such as Wirral builders or pizza delivery Wirral then you see 3 web results near the top?

This is just one of the changes that Google implments on a regular basis.

Keeping Up With Google

To keep up with the latest changes and continually analysing data and results is a full time task. It’s very laudible if you want to do your own SEO but like anything the more you do something and understand it the better you will be at that thing – Ranking Kings live and breath Search Engine Optimisation.

Keeping Up With Your Competitors

If your competitors are doing SEO and you are not then you will not succeed. If they are constantly techically optimising their code and acquiring backlinks and the other 200 things or so things required to rank in Google these days then you will simply be left behind. You need a service like Ranking Kings to help your business succeed online.

Should You Go With An Agency?

Let’s be clear. RANKING KINGS ARE NOT AN AGENCY. We are a small group of experts.

If you’ve been with an agency before and you are now reading this page, the chances are you’ve been bitten and want a specialist.

There’s a very simple reason to go to an agency and there’s a very simple reason why you shouldn’t

You should – an agency can cater for PPC, CRO, Web design, Social Media Marketing and a million other things that for a bigger brand are great when they work. The problem here is nobody knows your business like you do, an agency certainly doesn’t, do you think they will connect with your audience on Facebook the same way that you do? Are you audience on Facebook anyway? Maybe you want to do PPC. Google adwords get around 2% – 7% of all of the clicks from a search in Google. The top position in the organic result gets around 30% – and you don’t pay on a per click basis.

You shouldn’t – because SEO is not guess work. We use real data to make sure that you are being found for your service or product by the right customer at the right time.

Let’s look at a simple case study that hopefully will answer your questions and more. It’s this type of information that we would look to put together for a campaign click here to continue in our “SEO Wirral” section.